Released Time Bible Education: Off school premises, in real time.

ABSTRACT: “This article examines student perceptions of religious Released Time Educational (RTE) programming. Through interviews and surveys, we found that students made little distinction between public school attendance and RTE attendance and that many believed their RTE program to be part of their school. Moreover, many students found it to be a compelling and important element of their education, even though they also found it to be not very rigorous. The students’ impressions of their own schooling and education offer crucial insights into the ways in which students navigate their own education across church and state.”

Ari Y. Kelman and Zoe Wolford, Learning across church and state: student experience of a released time program, 111.1 Religious Education 49-74 (2016).

ERIC - EJ1091158 - Learning across Church and State: Student Experience of a Released Time Program, Religious Education, 2016