Released Time Bible Education: Off school premises, in real time.

“This qualitative study examined the relationship between Utah public high schools and Latter-day Saint (LDS) released-time seminaries through the perspectives and practices of principals from both institutions. The study followed methods consistent with phenomenological research. Data were analyzed through a theory of social exchange. Sites and participants were purposefully selected using a criterion phenomenal variation strategy. Sites included six Utah public high schools with LDS seminaries adjacent. Participants included the public school and seminary principals at those sites. The overarching question that guided the study was: How is the professional relationship between the public schools and LDS seminaries in Utah perceived and practiced by principals of both institutions? The three subquestions used to support the central question were: (1) What are principals’ perceptions of the relationship? (2) How is the relationship maintained? (3) Why is the relationship maintained?”

Casey W. Ashcroft, Utah public school and LDS released-time program relations: Perspectives and practices of principals from both institutions. Utah State University (2011).    

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