Released Time Bible Education: Off school premises, in real time.

PURPOSE: “To examine the historical foundations and current trends in RTE programs using case study research methods. These programs have existed across the United States for 100 years. As the authors of this chapter, it is our experience that educators within public, and even religious, schools and higher education are largely ignorant of the legality and even the very existence of RTE programs. During author interviews with RTE program directors, it was reported that public school board members and administrators (e.g., principals and superintendents) are often unreceptive and even resistant when presented with proposals for the formation of new programs due to fear of legal entanglement and ignorance. Teacher education programs, especially those at institutions with explicitly religious missions, should consider offering support to RTE program directors and educators in their regions and educate their own students, especially administrators about the legality and potential benefits of these programs.”

J. A. Swezey, & K. G. Schultz, Released-time programs in religion education (2013).

Released-Time Programs in Religion Education (